Meyers Capital Management, LLC

Helping Clients Build Their Financial Future

Meyers Capital Management, LLC (the “Advisor”) has been a member of the National Futures Association and registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Advisor since January, 2020. The trading principal is Steve Meyers who has been a registered broker since 1987. The Advisor trades many sectors of the futures markets including grains, livestock, metals, softs, currencies, interest rates, energies, and stock indices. The Advisor uses a fundamental approach to determine fair long term value and utilizes technical indicators to help time the buys or sells when it aligns with the fundamentals. The Advisor will trade all markets from both the long and short side and almost always is involved in the markets.


Benefits of Working With Us

Opportunity to profit in different economic environments – The ability to be “long” or “short” the market allows customers the opportunity to profit in ascending and descending markets.

Growing with Strength

Meyers Capital Management, LLC Delivers Results


Steve has seen most everything a trader can experience. 3 market collapses, currency crisis, and now inflation once again. He understands the markets and the industry. Change is the one constant in this business and Steve believes with change comes opportunity.


Steve invests right alongside of his investors. He has skin in the game and uses a fundamental approach to determine fair long-term value and utilizes technical indicators to help time the buys or sells. You also gain investors’ trust over 30 years in the business.


Steve Meyers became a registered broker back in 1987. He has worked as a broker working directly with speculators and hedgers. He also has been a money-raiser and an investor. Steve has the knowledge of being a 30-year industry veteran.